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Project Care

Foster care is intended to provide temporary, safe living arrangements and therapeutic services for children who cannot remain safely at home due to child maltreatment or for children whose parents are unable to provide adequate care. The U.S. foster care system aims to safely reunify children with their parents or secure another permanent home, e.g., through adoption. However, too often this goal is not achieved. Instead, many children spend years in foster homes or group homes, often moving multiple times. These children are at increased risk for a variety of emotional, physical, behavioral, and academic problems.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Project Care to assist an already overwhelmed system by fostering hope to displaced children in foster care.

This will be achieved using a three-tier approach.

  • Care Packages
    A trash bag is not an appropriate way in which a child, who already feels discarded, should carry their belongings.  For children in foster care, the backpack is much more than a collection of items and a way to carry them, it’s proof that there are people who care at a time where they feel most alone. Our packages contain age and gender appropriate items to aid them while they transition.
  • Finding Loving Foster and Adoptive Parents for These Children
    When you were growing up, chances are, your parents were there to help guide you. A parent – or perhaps a relative – stood by you, made you laugh, and was there to give you the time and attention you needed when the path seemed uncertain. Avion Cares seeks to find others to fill that role temporarily for a child in need, by becoming a foster parent. There are children of all ages from our community who need someone to provide a safe, stable and nurturing home until they can return to their families.Patience, understanding, and encouragement can provide a young person with confidence and strength to last a lifetime.
  • Recruiting Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteers
    For those individuals wanting to make a difference but without space or resources to foster or adopt, they can become a Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA.A Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteer is an everyday hero appointed by the court to independently investigate the cases of children in the foster care system and advocate for what is best for each child with the goal of a loving, safe and permanent home. We will help bring awareness to this program and help recruit those willing to make a difference in the life of a child.

Meet Our Project Care Team



Lori Medeiros
Senior Project Ambassador
As a youth, Lori experienced first-hand, the challenges children face going through the foster care system. That experience has instilled a passion for making a difference for children who have lost hope. As an Avion Cares Ambassador for Project Care, she is committed to lighting the spark of hope in children so that they will see a path forward into a promising future.
Ronald Bouchard
President, Project Director
Ron Bouchard has always had a passion for working with youth and at the same time, he loved Real Estate. He has worked as a teacher and has been heavily involved in Scouting for over 30 years but wanted to do more. He currently owns a real estate brokerage firm in Taunton, MA. His mission is to daily enlighten and inspire others to lead lives of fulfillment.  He believes that the only way in which to accomplish that goal is for others to get involved in community service.   Project Care gives him the means in which to fulfill all his interests.  He is able to help people lead lives of fulfillment by helping youth find loving homes.
Desiree Henriques
Project Ambassador-Event Coordinator
Michele Costa
Project Ambassador-Photography